Buchanan Mall

#BuchananChange is a community-supported project to renovate the Buchanan Mall park. We’re working to create jobs, engage residents, catalyze city investment, and improve public safety.

Since 2010, Green Streets, a community-operated waste-management enterprise founded in Hayes Valley public housing, has teamed with Citizen Film to share their stories through documentary film screenings. This collaboration brings residents and leaders together to look frankly at neighborhood issues and develop a shared vision of change. Key to this vision is ongoing neighborhood cleanup and recycling, which creates jobs.

Now, Green Streets, Citizen Film and the Exploratorium’s Studio for Public Spaces are working with the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department—thanks to a grant from the Trust for Public Land—to redesign what many residents consider to be “a no-man’s land” between seven public housing communities. In October, the Buchanan Mall Design Task Force, which includes community youth and elders, will pilot design concepts for the five-block corridor. Ideas include youth-designed signs, audio boxes with stories of local history from African-American elders, and a science and technology based installation showing how recycling and composting generates revenue for the community.

The entire community will be invited to contribute ideas for the installation. We will solicit ongoing feedback and designs will evolve with community input.